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Roots believe in delivering simple solutions for complex problems, with the best of technology and people. Growing every day, globally, we strive to make your needs our priority. Anticipating needs. Nurturing ideas. Adding value. Roots Industries India Limited (RIL) established in 1970 is the flagship company of the Roots Group and its products find pride of place in some of the world’s most respected automobile brands. We are a diversified company with products and services such as

  • Automotive Horns
  • Electronic Signalling Devices
  • High Precision Products and Assemblies for Aerospace, Medical
  • Ergonomic Office Furniture & Airport Trolley
  • Calibration Services

As a country, we find ourselves in the middle of an inorganic explosion of growth and development. Automobiles have contributed significantly to this transformation and with EVs, we are poised to embrace an exciting paradigm in Urban mobility while being environmentally friendly. Roots NAVEO with its wide range of Battery Operated Electric Vehicles for In Campus Applications has made significant inroads into this sector and is on the cusp of extraordinary advancement and self-sustainability in this segment.

Our range of Off-Road electric people and cargo movers offer multiple choices for specific customer needs for places such as Hotels & Resorts, Airports & Railway Stations, Hospitals, Temples, Farmhouses & Private Properties, Malls, Large campuses like Factories, IT parks, Defence establishments and much more.

From our state of the art manufacturing facility with stringent quality controls, each electric vehicle is produced with the customer in mind. We command a leading industry advantage because of our full-fledged R&D Centre with Testing Facilities and captive Tooling and component Manufacturing capabilities such as casting, injection moulding, fabrication and machining.

We are happy to offer value-added features and customization with accessories as per customer needs. With a dedicated sales and service support team we continuously strive to exceed customer expectations.

At the heart of the Roots Group is an unstinted commitment to quality, a promise that it has upheld over the past four decades. The group has leveraged the synergies in technology and talent in ways which still continue to add value to all its stakeholders.

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