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Roots Naveo Electric Buggy Designed and Manufactured in India
with the Global Standards

Roots Naveo electric buggy were designed with the unique combination of performance, extremely durable, comfortable and elegance. Our range of Off-road electric vehicles offers multiple choices for specific customer needs for places such as Hotels & Resorts, Airports & Railway stations, Hospitals, Temples, Farmhouses & Private properties, Malls. Large campuses like Factories, IT parks, Defense establishments, and much more.

Passenger Cum Cargo Models(2)

Naveo’s Electric Golf Cart vehicle / cargos are the best means to carry your consignment in an easy way and saves your expenses. To carry the heavy loads, we have Naveo Long Cargos which can carry up to 400kgs of consignment. Amazing features like Foldable windshields, On-board / Off-board Charger, Reverse Cameras, Armrest, and Cup…

Passenger Models(4)

Naveo Carts are designed to experience comfort and excellent performance. Naveo’s Electric battery operated vehicles are known for their excellent stylish looks, convenience and durability. Naveo Cart’s Electric Vehicles are Specially designed and developed for Indian Conditions. Naveo’s Electric Golf Cart is customizable for our customer needs. Our complete range of models are designed for…

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