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Passenger Cum Cargo Models

Naveo’s Electric Golf Cart vehicle / cargos are the best means to carry your consignment in an easy way and saves your expenses. To carry the heavy loads, we have Naveo Long Cargos which can carry up to 400kgs of consignment. Amazing features like Foldable windshields, On-board / Off-board Charger, Reverse Cameras, Armrest, and Cup holders with a Roof make the vehicle more convenient and ideally suited vehicle for cargo transfer.

Our range of cargo carrying Golf Buggies / Electric Buggy Cars are designed with superior features such as tubeless tyres, battery trays up to 8V which offers choice of colors. The finest way to carry 6 passengers and their consignments at a time, Naveo’s Electric Golf Cart Cargos provides 6-Seater + Cargos which carries up to 520kgs with an excellent Comfort, with amazing seats made from the best quality, where it eventually reduces the number of trips to carry the consignments.

The polypropylene body of the Electric Buggy Car looks superior in its own style. Safety of the passengers is one of our prime concern, hence with the objective of enhanced braking, we offer hydraulic braking system on all the Four-Wheels. If you want to experience the industry’s favourite cargo, then the best choice would be Naveo Double Long Cargo – Battery Operated Vehicles for the amazing stability in carrying the goods. Herein Battery Operated Golf Carts & Electric Buggy Cars, the tubeless tyres are used to carry more loads and for excellent performance. To carry light-weight products in an industry would be common to make that easy, we have Naveo 2-Seater Cargo in the most comfortable way. Naveo Cargo would be the best leading Cargo with stylish features cared with safety.

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