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Golf 8 Seater + Cargo

Golf 8 Seater + Cargo

Item Code: RT-G-A8+C

With all-electric power the NAVEO Golf 8-seater + Cargo gives a quality warrantied cargo loading setup for shifting your materials and it saves your expenses.

Not only does this Golf 8-seater + Cargo save you money, but it also appeals to an increasing base of environmentally-conscious customers.

Tubeless tyres for more loading capacity and performance.

Overall length


Overall width


Overall height (with canopy)




Ground clearance


Floor height


Net vehicle weight


Gross vehicle weight


Turning radius


Max seating capacity

8 Persons

Max speed




Front Tires: 145/80 R12 LT (Tubeless)


Rear Tires: 145/80 R12 LT (Tubeless)


Max cargo payload


Cargo space dimensions: length/width/height

655mm / 1046mm / 275mm

Golf 8 Seater + Cargo Features

Single speed direct drive from Graziano
5kW 3-phase AC induction drive motor from MAHLE
48V – 350A controller from curtis
Frame/Chassis: Powder Coated Tubeless Steel Ladder Frame
Front/Rear body: ABS
Cladding: Steel
Cargo Box: Steel
Cladding/Cargo box nish: Plain painted
Rim: 12″ Aluminium alloy rims
Windshield: Polycarbonate
Steering: Rack and pinion manual steering box
Front suspension: Double wishbone dual rate mono shock
Rear suspension: Mono leaf with mono shock
Front brakes: Hydraulic disk brakes
Rear brakes: Hydraulic drum brakes, self-adjusted carrier

Nothing Like NAVEO

Digital Instrument Cluster


Double Wishbone Suspension

The NAVEO has front double wishbone suspension to provide better ride comfort in place of the single leaf found commonly in the market.

Front Disk Brakes

The NAVEO has front disk brakes thereby resulting in more efficient braking in comparison to drum brakes.

On-Board Charger

Having the charger on-board makes charging convenient as it reduces the off board unit to just a cable and plug.

12 inch Alloy Rims

Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels, which allows them to operate at a higher performance in most conditions.

One pedal operation (Accelerator, Regenerative & EM Braking)

Regenerative braking uses the kinetic energy to charge the battery (which is otherwise wasted through braking) by using the motor as a generator.

Automatic Parking Brakes

It is an electronic parking brake which actives automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop. It replaces the conventional hand brakes.

Paddle Type Forward/Reverse Switch

The paddle helps the user gauge the selected direction intuitively. Easy to handle.

Smart USB charger

The smart USB charger changes the output current according to the connected device.

Fail Safe Directional Control

This is a safety feature used to prevent accidents caused by human error. It doesn’t allow the vehicle to move in case the direction is selected before key on.
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