Why Buy NAVEO?

The All-new Naveo range of in-campus electric vehicles is the most efficient, extremely durable, and best-in-class buggies designed with superior specifications and offer excellent experience every time. With impeccable Features Like double wishbone suspension, disc brakes, powerful LED lamps, alloy wheels and comfortable seats, the Naveo offers Best-in-class ride experience.

The robust design withstands challenging working conditions and offers exceptional performance. The impressive performance and intelligent design make Naveo the perfect in- campus vehicle.


Explore our electric buggies' cutting-edge features, made for excellent performance and sustainability.

Double Wishbone Suspension

The NAVEO has a front double wishbone suspensions to provide better ride comfort in place of the single leaf found commonly in the market.

Front Disk Brakes

The NAVEO is in-built with disk brakes, resulting in more efficient braking, thereby ensuring safety during every ride.

On-Board Charger

Having the charger on-board makes charging convenient as it reduces the off-board unit to just a cable and plug.

12 Inch Alloy Rims

The Naveo boasts one of the first in class feature, 12 inches alloy wheels . Alloy wheels weigh considerably less than standard steel wheels, which helps to improve the vehicle’s ride and handling. The reduced weight ensures that there is less to turn when steering, and less weight for the suspension to handle and thereby leading to an overall improved performance.

One Pedal Operation (Accelerator, Regenerative & EM Braking)

(Accelerator, Regenerative & EM Braking) Regenerative braking uses kinetic energy to charge the battery (otherwise wasted through braking) using the motor as a generator.

Automatic Parking Brakes

It is an electronic parking brake that acts automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop. It replaces the conventional hand brake.

Paddle Type Forward/Reverse Switch

Switch -The paddle helps the driver select the intended direction and handle the navigation with ease.

Smart USB Charger

Just plug your device directly into the electrical outlet with a USB port and enjoy hassle free charge without the need of an adopter.

Fail Safe Directional Control

This is an advanced safety feature that prevents accidents caused by human error.