Top Sustainable Uses of Electric Buggies

Electric buggies, usually referred to as electric golf carts, have recently become increasingly popular because of their efficiency, adaptability, and eco-friendliness. Initially designed for golf courses, these compact, electric-powered vehicles have found applications beyond the greens and are now utilized for various purposes. In this blog, we will explore the multiple uses of electric buggies and how they have transformed transportation while also considering the factor of golf cart price

Passenger Model Golf Carts: 

Since their inception as golf course vehicles, passenger-model golf carts have advanced significantly. These compact and electric-powered carts have diverse applications across different settings, offering eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions.  

Uses of Passenger Model Golf Carts

  • Resorts and Hotels: In resorts and hotels, passenger model golf carts transport guests within the property. They offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport, helping guests access various amenities.
  • Theme Parks: Electric buggies transport visitors between attractions in theme parks, reducing walking distances and enhancing the overall visitor experience, all while keeping the golf cart price in check.

Golf Cart prices can range based on features from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 15 Lakhs or more.  

  • Industrial and Commercial Sites: Some businesses use passenger model golf carts within their large industrial or commercial sites. These carts help employees move around the facility, streamline logistics, and transport goods and equipment.
  • Security and Patrolling: In specific settings, such as large campuses, parks, and industrial complexes, golf carts are utilized for security patrolling. They enable security personnel to cover more ground quickly and respond to incidents promptly.


Cargo Model Electric Buggy

Cargo model golf carts, or utility golf carts, have proven invaluable model in various industries. It is designed for transporting goods and equipment; these electric-powered carts offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for hauling tasks.

Uses of Cargo Model Golf Carts

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities: Cargo model golf carts find extensive use in industrial and manufacturing settings. They transport raw materials, finished products, and equipment between production stations.
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers: In large warehouses and distribution centers, cargo model golf carts are essential for efficient inventory management and order fulfillment. They help move goods from one section to another and streamline logistics operations.
  • Construction Sites: Construction companies utilize cargo model golf carts to transport tools, building materials, and equipment around job sites.
  • University and College Campuses: Many educational institutions use cargo model golf carts for maintenance and landscaping. They are beneficial for maintaining vast campuses with multiple buildings and green spaces.
  • Sports Facilities: Sports venues and stadiums use cargo model golf carts to transport equipment, refreshments, and maintenance tools during events and games.
  • Airports and Seaports: Cargo model golf carts play a vital role in managing luggage and cargo transportation at airports and seaports, streamlining operations, and improving efficiency.

Passenger cum Cargo Buggies:

Passenger cum cargo buggies combine the best of both worlds, offering passenger seating and a spacious cargo bed for transporting goods and equipment. These versatile vehicles have become popular in various settings due to their ability to cater to passenger transport and hauling needs. 

Uses of Passenger cum Cargo buggies 

  • Resorts and Hotels: In resorts and hotels, passenger cum cargo buggies serve as a versatile transport solution. They can comfortably transport guests to various locations within the property while also assisting in moving luggage, supplies, and refreshments.
  • University and Corporate Campuses: These golf carts help universities and corporate campuses move personnel and supplies efficiently. They are often used for campus tours, maintenance tasks, and transporting event equipment.

Special Hospital Model Electric Buggy

Special Model electric buggies are purpose-built electric vehicles designed to meet the unique transportation needs within healthcare facilities. These efficient and versatile buggies are crucial in enhancing mobility, improving patient care, and optimizing operations in hospitals and medical centers. 

Uses of Special Hospital Model Electric Buggies

  • Patient Transport: One of the primary uses of these buggies is transporting patients within the hospital. They are especially beneficial for transferring patients between different departments and various blocks of hospitals.

Electric bus

14 Seater Electric bus, powered by electricity, have emerged as a game-changer in public transportation. These environmentally-friendly vehicles offer numerous benefits, including reduced emissions, lower operating costs, and quieter operation. 

Uses of Electric Bus

  • National Parks and Nature Reserves: Electric buses find applications in national parks and nature reserves, offering guided tours while preserving the serene atmosphere and wildlife.



Electric buggies are a great way to get around, whether on a resort, or IT Parks. They’re quiet, emissions-free, and easy to operate.  While considering the golf cart price, it’s clear that their eco-friendliness, efficiency, and versatility make them a sustainable choice for numerous industries and institutions. At Naveo, we take great pride in providing only the best products, doing so in high-end in-campus vehicles that go far above.Roots NAVEO offers the best in-campus buggies at the best prices without compromising quality.

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